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The Compound Connections CD is a fully updated color reproducible instructional unit that focuses on developing an understanding and recognition of more than 46 common compound words. The CD includes a 116 page packet with a wide variety of activities: sentence writing, games, stationery, certificates, poems and songs, word searches (5), cloze (4), puzzles, word cards and matching pictures, compound cash, shape books and desktop nametags. Also included are big books and matching readers,  Bingo, kid cards, Go Fish, Junior Jeopardy, I Have Who Has cards and more. Most of the artwork is from

Proceeds from the sales of this CD are dedicated to maintaining a scholarship fund and to support the growth of literacy for children and teachers.  International shipping costs will have to be calculated at the time of purchase.




Compound Connection CD
Price: $15.95




Compound Word Puzzles for Intermediate



Cloze the Compound Connection!






Compound Words
Pictures and Words for Sorts and Stuff
(at least 80 compound word graphics)


Compound Line Up Task Card



Whole Class Compound Word Activity


Compound Word Go Fish
(1 of 7)
(Print two copies to play)

Compound Word Jeopardy/Concentration




Compound Word
"I Have Who Has?"

(1 of 2 pages)



Compound Word Bingo
(1 of 8)

Word Cards



Take Me Out to the Ballgame!
(Reading and Identifying Compound Words)






Compound Word List Internet Sources:

 14 lists with 60 compound words in each:

 2276 compound words in this list:


Strategies for Strugglers:

Match two root words that make a compound word.

Distribute word cards to students to practice compound word development. Each child finds his/her word partner to create a compound word. Each pair pronounces the new word for the class.

Play compound word concentration, build compound words  and match with pictures in a pocket chart, or put together compound word puzzles (all available on this site and on the CD).

Clap the syllables in compound words: For instance - say cowboy, now say it again and don't say cow, say it again and don't say boy. 

Look for poems and songs that have assorted compound words in the text (there are eight of them in the Compound Connection CD). Copy to an overhead and have students use a highlighter as an independent or group activity. This also helps build fluency. If you can't find the poems you want, write your own!




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