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More Working With Words

This  section is devoted to paper/pencil activities for practicing and working with high frequency words. Due to recent requests, I will devote some time to this section.  After looking at the documents that were created three or four years ago, I decided that I wasn't happy with the look. So . . . if you're a return visitor, you'll notice that the new items have a completely different format. Please note that I've taken the liberty to mix up some of the early words in order to provide more interesting word work. Each packet will have some of the following activities for 12 words, depending upon the type of words:

Configuration Station
Looking at the shape of each word

Cloze the Gap or What's Missing?
Fill in the blanks (cloze) using contextual clues

Sentence Sense (This works well as dictation.)
Writing sentences that make sense

Where are the Words?
Word Search

Rhyme Time
Building new words with spelling patterns

Clever Connector
Synonyms or antonyms

Suffix City

Adding -s, -ed, -ing, or er and est

Order in the Court
Alphabetical order

Contraction Action
Matching word pairs to contractions

Cross Words! 
Crossword Puzzle

Brainy Bonus
 Sort by phonics elements such as long or short vowel, vowel teams, diphthongs,  blends, r-controlled vowels, etc.:  challenging!












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