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Terri Walsh, a kindergarten teacher in a primary school in Kentucky, suggested that I add this page and she even gave it a name! Thanks, Terri, for the great idea! I'm open for suggestions and requests for new items to add to this page. Just email me at  I suggest that you also for more on the vowels and to the Bossy r page on Word Way:



Bossy R Poster

“Bossy R”

Bossy R is always looking behind him to see if there’s a vowel that he can boss around. Use this graphic to remind your students of Bossy R’s powerful persistent personality! They’ll remember the r-controlled rule with ease (and a little bit of humor).  Add him to your bulletin board with a speech bubble that portrays his control over vowels.

(This revised poster was contributed to the site by Francie Fitz. Thanks, Francie! I love the way you added the anchor pictures.)


Bossy R -ir Worksheet

Bossy R -ur Worksheet

Bossy R Junior Jeopardy


Junior Jeopardy Long and Short A

Junior Jeopardy Long and Short E

Junior Jeopardy Long and Short I

Junior Jeopardy Long and Short O

Junior Jeopardy Long and Short U

Long and Short A Concentration

Bossy R -ar Set

Vowel Digraphs ee and ea
ee and ea Sort Directions

Bingo for ee, ai, and oa Neighborhoods

The Long and Short of It: Vowel Teams


Vowel Spelling  Charts

Vowel Letter Lotto

Lesson Links:
Teaching Short Vowel Discrimination Using Dr. Seuss Rhymes

Songs that Teach the Vowels and their Sounds
Long, Short, and Variant Vowel Sounds






   Short Vowel Bingo

Reproduce and laminate these colorful bingo cards to use with a small group or with children who are having difficulty hearing and reproducing short vowel sounds.




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