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Many of you have indicated a need for sorting activities. This page is intended to serve as an index to assorted sorts throughout the site. It will also include new sorting activities that don't fit in other areas. I've been going through my old files (now that I'm semi-retired) and have found some things that I used a long time ago. They will still work for young children today.



Ways to Classify and Sort Words

There are many ways to sort and classify words on a word wall, in a literacy center, or in a whole or small group lesson:


Words that start the same (beginning blend, consonant cluster or onset)


Words that end the same (rime)


Words that rhyme


Words that contain the same number of syllables (1, 2, or 3)


Words that are the same part of speech (nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc.)


Words with prefixes, suffixes


Long words, short words


Words I know, words I think I know and words I don't know at all


Words with long or short vowels


Words with schwa sound


Synonyms, antonyms


Compound words




Alphabet Picture Sorts:
Alphabet Avenue


Diphthongs oi and oy oi and oy Sorting Task Card Vowel Digraphs ee and ea ee and ea Sort Directions
Plurals s, es, and ies Plural Noun Sort Directions Whole Class Plural Noun Sort Rhyming
Compound Words Compound Line Up Task Card Compound Word Match Whole Class Compound Word Activity
Soft and Hard c (words only) Hard C and Soft C SortTask Card Soft c Pictures and Words Soft c Sound Match Task Card
Soft g Pictures and Words Soft g Sound Match Task Card Soft c and g Sort Task Card Final tch Pictures and Words
Consonant Digraph sh
(Words & Pics)
Initial and Final sh and th Sort Consonant Digraph th
(Words & Pics)
Initial and Final th Sort Directions
Whole Class Initial sh and th Activity Consonant Digraph ch
(Words & Pics)
Initial and Final ch Sort Directions Digraph oo
oo Sound Write &Check Task Vowel Digraph oo 
Pictures and Words for Sorts
Homophone Pictures and Words Sort By Sounds 
(Reproducible recording sheet for sound sorts and syllable sorts)



Word Family Pictures and Words












Seasonal Sorts

This page contains category cards for each season. You can either use them as hats for a group sort or in a pocket chart. There are also pictures included that go with each season (clothes, holidays, activities, food, etc.)






Shapes for Sorting

This page contains category cards for six shapes. There are also pictures included that go with each shape and may be sorted in a pocket chart.






Food Group Sorts

This page contains pictures included that go with each of five basic food groups: grains, fruits, vegetables, milk and meats/protein. They may be sorted in a pocket chart or in a cut and paste activity.









Color Sorts

This page contains category cards for eight colors There are also pictures included that go with each color and may be sorted in a pocket chart.



Download and print these colorful crayons. Laminate them for durability and use as a reference on your bulletin board, in a pocket chart or for playing color matching games.




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