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Resources and Good Books for Word Study

A Chocolate Moose for Dinner (Gwynne)

A Palm in My Palm (Doudna)*

Amelia Bedelia Series (Parish)

Bass Cannot Play Bass (Molter)*

Did You Say Pears? (Alda)

Do We By, Buy, or Bye Tickets? (Rondeau)*

Eight Ate: A Feast of Homonym Riddles (Terban)

Fred Read the Red Book (Scheunemann)*

How Much Can a Bare Bear Bear?: What are Homonyms and Homophones? (Cleary)

If You Were a Homonym or a Homophone (Loewen)

Night, Knight (Ziefert)

My Deer is a Dear (Salzmann)

Rhyme and Punishment: Adventures in Wordplay (Cleary)

Telling Tells: Fun With Homonyms (Hambleton)

The King Who Rained (Gwyne)

Two Kids Got to Go Too (Scheunemann)*

What in the World is a Homophone? (Presson)

*Homophones Sets from ABDO Publishing Company has other titles







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