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The purpose of this page is to provide strategies and activities to enhance the development of reading comprehension. As a participant in endless conferences, seminars, and university courses, I have always come away with lots of new ideas and generated some of my own. The need to internalize all of the information led me to develop extensive notes in handout format to share with others. I call it The Literarium: A Teacher's Bag of Tricks (a Compendium of Strategies and Activities to Enhance Literacy.) It's one of those "never ending stories." I'll always be a teacher researcher, looking for the better fix! Enjoy!

Now that I have retired from my job as a Language Arts Specialist, I have the time to go through things that I developed and used in the classroom as a regular education teacher. What a goldmine! I had forgotten that I worked on this as a personal literacy project while working on my masters degree. I'm really excited about finding the documents that support this page!  If you see something that is not underlined and would like to move it to the front of the line for completion, let me know by sending me an e-mail at and I'll get to it right away.

Some of these files are apparently too large to open as Word documents so I'm in the process of converting them to pdf files, while still trying to add new stuff!! If you can't open something, e-mail me and I'll convert it immediately (same day). Some things are not linked yet, and so they are not underlined. They are here as a reminder to myself to finish them ASAP.






The Literarium:
A Teacher's Bag of Tricks

Literacy: From A to Z

A is for acceleration of learning for all.
B is for books for the tall and the small.
C is for clusters, commercials and change.
D for designing a delightful exchange.
E is for evaluate and edit (sincere).
F is for fluent young readers to cheer.
G is for genre and group gallery walk.
H is for hot seat for questions and talk.
I is for interaction that never seems dull.
J is for jigsaws and journals so full.
K is for knowing how to read and to write.
L is for listening to others recite.
M is for marvelous mysteries and more.
N is for needing to think and explore.
O is for awesome oral productions.
P is for paragraphs, poems, predictions.
Q is for quietly reading each day.
R for responding to what others say.
S is for songs and stories and skits.
T is for themes.  Tea parties are hits!
U is for unconditional respect.
V is for videotaping the text.
W is for taking a “walk through the mind.”
X is for extending all you’ve designed.
Y is for yearning to spread literacy.
Z is for zooming toward proficiency.


     Effective Teachers and Effective Schools





ABC Brainstorm



or Hocus Pocus



Reaction Guide


Anticipation Guide Sample: Arthur's Family Vacation


Authors' Circle












Comic Capers








Constructivist Teaching



Cooperative Learning



Daily Word


Daily Word


Door Hanger


Double Entry Journal



Double Entry
Journal Variation



English Language
Learner Strategies



Expository Instruction


Five W's Chart

Use this chart for summarizing and retelling and/or for organizing thoughts before writing.


Flap Books
(for Guided Reading Extensions)


Flap Books



Please note that all of the flap book patterns and samples need to be saved to your computer and then opened. Not sure why, but that's the way it works! Maybe it's the original graphics. Sorry for the inconvenience!


T-Rex Flap Book Sample

Penguin Flap Book Pattern
Sports Biography Flap Book Patterns
Pilgrim Flap Book Patterns
Native American Flap Book Patterns
Uncle Sam Flap Book Pattern
Ladybug Flap Book Sample


Flip Books for Retelling

Reproduce and have available for younger readers. Retelling shouldn't become a lesson in folding and cutting!


Focus Poetry


Four Corners Debate


Gallery Walk


Grand Conversation



Graphic Organizer
for Content Area Text



Home Reading


Hot Seat



Illustrate and Associate


Illustrated Word List


Illustrated Word List 2


Independent Reading



Jekyll and Hyde


Jiffy Person







Listening Post


Literacy Centers



A Literate Classroom


Literature Circle Nametags
and Directions:
Super Summarizer

Word Wonder

Passage Picker

Discussion Director

Clever Connector

Awesome Artist

Travel Tracker


Modeling Margin Notes



Morning Message:
Go to


Opened Ended Worksheets

(1 of 22)


Point of View


Plot Chart


Postcard #1

Postcard #2 (Geography)






Predict and Support


Prompts to Support
Use of Strategies



Quadrarama: Link to good directions


Quaker Reading



Read Aloud From A to Z



Readers Circle


Readers' Theatre: Links


Reading Goals Contract


Reciprocal Teaching:
Link to good directions


Retelling: Link


Selective Underlining
and Highlighting




Sentence/Story Puzzles



Sentence Visualization



Shared Book



Shared Reading



Sorting Words






Stump Your Neighbor



Summarizing and Retelling
Summarizing Selection Menu




Supportive Reading






Tea Party


Tea Party Notes for Hatchet


Think Aloud

To Tell the Truth






Two Word Strategy



Uninterrupted Sustained
Silent Reading



V.I.P. Post-It Walk



Vocabulary Planning Sheet



Wanted Poster/Hall of Fame/Missing Person



What's My Rule?
(for the Word Wall)





Whip Around
I Have, Who Has?


Word Map for Concept Development



Word Webs


Wordless Book Writing













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